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  • Is Namibia Child Friendly?
    Yes, it’s a safe country and often regarded as a great place not only for first time travelers to Africa but also for families. The infra structure is good, water is generally safe to drink and there is plenty to keep everyone of all ages occupied.
  • Can I Drink The Water in Namibia?
    Tap water is purified in hotels, lodges and other public places so is safe to drink. If you are worried about drinking the tap water, bottled water is available to purchase throughout Namibia.
  • How Is The Weather In Namibia?
    Generally, when looking at the average weather the yearly cycle can be summed up as follows: During the months December to March it is generally hot throughout the country. The main rainy season starts in January (often with thundershowers). The vegetation turns into a lush green. During April to May rains might still occur. The temperatures slowly start to drop. From June to September it is winter in Namibia. No more precipitation is received (except in the far south – in the winter rain areas) and during the day temperatures are moderate to warm. The nights are severely cold, in the inland and desert overnight frost occurs. The vegetation changes from green to brown. In October and November temperatures rise increasingly and it gets hot again. The so called “little rainy season” starts and brings a most welcome end to the long dry period.
  • Is Travel Insurance Necessary?
    Yes, it is essential. In Southern Africa, many emergency services will not send a rescue service until proof of insurance has been issued so should you injure yourself you may end up without medical assistance, something not to be taken lightly.​
  • Do I Need a International Drivers License?
    No, not compulsory. Please make sure your license is valid.
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